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Push Ups Stands Grip Fitness Equipment Handles

Material: Abs+Foram

Max Loaded:300kg

Why Use a Turret

Benefits 1: It Can Lower the Body Lower so That the Chest to Get More Full Stretch, Chest Muscle to Get Stronger Stimulation
Benefit 2: It Is Taken to Grasp the Way to Exercise, Reaction to Focus on The Elbow, when We Use the Grasp, the Force to Focus on The Wrist, so Can Play the Role of Exercise Wrist.
Benefit 3: To Increase the Difficulty of The Action, Deepen the Stimulation of The Chest Muscles, to Achieve a Multiplier Exercise Effect.

The Hands of The Push-Ups Era Have Passed, Hand and Not Health and Hurt the Hand, More Harm than Good, Feel the Progress of The Times It, with The Brackets to Do Push-Ups in Full Accordance with The Mechanical Design to Make You More with Less Effort to Improve the Efficiency of Exercise!

Young Men: Regular Exercise Can Increase the Chest and Deltoid Muscle and Is Conducive to The Formation of Men on The Wide and Narrow Body Shape

Young Women: Regular Practice Can Promote Breast Development and Chest Fitness

Middle-Aged: Often Practice to Maintain the Power of The Upper Limbs

ELderly: Adhere to Practice Can Maintain Youthful Vitality