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7 Colors Photon Therapy Led Facial Mask Skin

Product Description:

Type: Photodynamic-Led Facial Beauty Mask
Wrinkle Removing Skin Machine, Facial Massager, Led Therapy Machine
Voltage:110v-220v, 60 Hz/ 50 Hz
Plug: EU, US, UK, AU Plug
Product Weight:1.8kg(with Original Box)
Package Size : 30x26x19 Cm
Number of Led:192 Le Ds
Colors of Lights:7 Colors
Output Voltage: Dc10 v 2500m A
Output Power: 20 W (max)


-100% Brand New and High Quality
-Help to Activated the Collagen
-Promote Skin Collagen Growth, Make the Skin More Translucent and White
-Tighten Pores, Make the Skin Firmer, Improve Skin Brightness, More Smooth and Elastic
-Accelerate Detoxification
-Effectively Accelerate Skin Metabolism Rate, Promote the Excretion of Toxins in The Skin
-Oxygen Increase
-Promote Skin Permeability, Increase Oxygen to Lock Skin Moisture
-Repair Skin
-Promote Blood Circulation, Lighten Freckles and Red Bloodshot
-When Using It on A Daily Basis for No More than 20 Minutes per Day.


1. Reduce and Prevent Wrinkles, Helps Fight Fatty Areas

2. Improve Skin Elasticity

3. Minimize Pores

4. Balance Skin Tone

5. Enhance Circulation

6. Inhibit the Formation of Melanin Pigment

7. Accelerate Blood Circulation

8. Minimize Scarring

9. Relaxation, Elevates the Immune System

10. Boost Sleeping Quality

11. Improve Blood Circulation

12. Temporary Relief of Sore and Stiffness

13. Contribute to A Healthier Skin

14. Help to Activated the Collagen

7 Colors Led Mask Can Solve Stubborn Skin Problems:

Red Light: Whitening Pale Spots, Tender Skin, and Anti-Wrinkle Repairing Damaged Skin Smoothing the Fine Wrinkles, Shrinking Pores, Hyperplasia of Collagen.

Blue Light: Efficiently Minimize and Heal Acne, Repair the Skin Without Leaving Scars

Purple Light: It Is a Red and Blue Dual-Band Light, a Combination of Two Kinds of Phototherapy Effects, Especially in Healing and Repairing the Acne Scar

Laser Light (White Light): Resolving Age Spots, Improving Fine Lines and Sagging Skin.

Greenlight: Neutralization, Balance Skin Condition, Relieve Mental Stress, and Effective Dredge Lymphoid and Edema

Yellow Light: Improve Coarse Skin and Wrinkle, Redness, Fever, Ringworm of The Skin, Increase Immunity

Green Blue Light: Enhance the Cell Energy Gradually, Promote Metabolism

How to Use:

Step1:Plug the USB Connector at The End of The Wire of Your Led Mask.

Step2:Clean Your Face, and Wait Till It Dries. This Makes It Easier for Light to Penetrate Your Skin.

Step3:Put on Your Mask. You Can Choose the Model You Want and Make Sure that You Wear It Comfortably.

Step4:Turn on Your Mask and You Will See the Tinge of Red Light Covering the Whole Mask.

Step5:Keep Your Led Mask Close to Your Facial Skin.

Operational Cautions:

1. Recommend Using for 20 Mins per Day.
2. Do Not Stare Inside when Operating.
3. Do Not Try to Use It with A Wet Hand.


If You Want the Masking Effect Better, We Suggest You Use Professional Relational Skin Care Product at The Same Time, the Led Light Will Promote the Assimilation of Skin Care Product, Enhance the Efficacy of Skin Care Product, Then Has a Better Effect, and It Will Not Immediately See the Effect, It Needs Some Time to Repair Your Skin, so Keep Use It and Be Patient.