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Anti Wrinkle Face Lifting Beauty Device


EMS: Apply Low-Current Massage and Relax Muscles, Enhance Skin Activity, and Help Skincare Products Penetrate Into the Skin, Keep the Skin Moist, Achieve the Effect of Removing Edema and Lifting and Firming, Whitening, and Rejuvenating the Skin, and Reducing Wrinkles.

Cleaning: Clean Deep Pores, Shrink Pores, Reduce Spots and Acne, and Solve Dull and Dull Skin, Promote the Regeneration of Perfect Skin.

Warm: Heating Massage Can Promote Skin Circulation, Improve Skin Elasticity, and Restore Skin Brilliance and Vitality.

Lifting: Warm Massage Promotes Absorption, Promotes Collagen Regeneration, Wakes up And Relaxes the Skin, Stretches Wrinkles, Increases Skin Elasticity, Accelerates Metabolism, Restores Cell Vitality, and Skin Becomes More Plump and Smooth.


Material: Abs + Pc

Vibration Frequency: 11,000 Times/min

Heating Temperature: 40℃/45℃

Charging Voltage: Dc 5.0 V

Rated Current: 0.5 A

Rated Power: 2.5 W

Battery Capacity: 750m Ah

Charging Time: 2 Hours

Power Supply: USB Charging

Product Size: About 126.2 * 92 * 37 mm