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Professional Jump Rope with Electronic Counter


Sports sponge handle counts rope skipping.

Skipping rope belongs to aerobic exercise, which is good for health and suitable for people at all stages.

A soft sponge handle, easy to see and count, anti-skid, and breathable, is the best choice for sports.

Electronic counting, do not need to count one by one, avoid mistakes. The sponge handle, prevent the slider from falling and can let you play extraordinarily.

Thickened and strong skipping rope, strong and wear-resistant.


1. Comfortable sponge anti-skid handle I will be more stable so that skipping rope in the fast rotation is not easy to slip, more stable.

2. Fitness, weight loss, entertainment, and sports can also be so simple and fashionable.

3. Automatic electronic counting, without manual self-counting, is more accurate counting.

4. The surface of the rope is smooth, and the speed of the rope is faster without knotting and winding, which makes your experience and comfort.

5. Accurate counting design is very suitable for use in competitions. It is very convenient and easy to operate.

6. The single rope body can be separated for use, is convenient to receive and can be adjusted freely, and can be switched freely according to different usage habits.